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24 /06/ 2019
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July -October 2019
Our children in Kenya Malawi , Uganda and South Africa needs basic needs , e.g. medicine, almost every week we bury we are burying children and parents suffering from HIV/AIDS, Malnutrition for lack of food. Malaria is still a problem in Africa.
This is a humanitarian Development project
 Humanitarian project for women and girls through Education, Training, Sexual Health, Micro finance for 2030
Ending poverty by 2030 through agricultural farming, Fish farming and Micro finance.
HEALTH-CARE;    Against Malaria and HIV/AIDS
DROUGHT   -   FAMINE   -   POVERTY   -   AIDS  -   MALARIA     TYPHOID  -  TETANUS for the cause of floods - MALNUTRITION
1.9-Million  ORPHANS plus many  DESERTED  CHILDREN
ABUNDANCE MINISTRIES  INTERNATIONAL cares for up to 200 Deserted Children in  Bungoma , and 200 in SUNA-MIGOR Kisi District Nyanza.
Objectives: Construct a new nursery for early childhood
Education: Equipped with learning resources play ground equipment and a a community Library and trained teachers for up to 200 children and two classes construction.
Provide 800 mosquito nets and 800 hygiene Kits and training to protect against life threatening Malaria.
Provide sanitation kits for girls and women, providing 100 double decker beds. So that children and families to sleep off the floor and protect them against parasite infections.
  We need to construct suitable houses for them, each to accommodate at least two Care Staff also.
Orphans in Primary and Secondary Schools desperately need sponsors. All our former Sponsors please we urge you to come back and sponsor our children in Kenya.
  FREE education exclusively Orphans at Abundance Nursery and Primary School.                           
 It is our Vision to create opportunities for Orphans and vulnerable children, education for Women and girls, e.g Girls child brides train them to learn about Sexual Health and reproduction, HIV/AIDS is still a killer in Africa. Take part in farming, e.g. Fish farming is needed very urgently, fish farming is needed because of the draught as most reservers have dried out.
To take part in sports and games, be creative and enjoy their childhood at a weekly sports club.
Children need to have uniforms and text-books. For girls it is a must to have sanitary pad as most girls miss school because of their monthly circles. Orphans in Primary and Secondary Schools desperately needs sponsors.
We provide training and support for care givers through regular visits and community .
Open days with specialists such as nutritionists and sanitation engineers.
These activities will help orphans and vulnerable children to grow up in a secure environment and ensure the project is sustainable into the future.
Mosquito  Nets are ‘only’ £5:00p each  -  without nets,  people normally dies of malaria. WILL YOU SAVE A LIFE?  HELP  OUR  SAVE-A-LIFE Campaign. Orphans in Abundance Nursery School with their mosquito nets presented thanks to kind donors.
 Each mosquito net represents a LIFE SAVED. Thank  you.

Our VISION is to construct a Health Clinic under Ropheka Health to provide FREE medical treatments to  Orphans,  Widows,  Deserted children  and those in a subject poverty. Water and sanitation is still a problem, we need access to water clean water, to avoid water borne diseases and irrigation growing food.
 After seven years’ itinerant Bible-teaching Ministry from 1996,  Abundance Church was first launched in Kenya in the year 2000, meeting in the mud house home of a church member.   We are established in Suna-Migori, Ogembo and Kenyenya (both in Kisii south), Bungoma (in South Nyanza County).
 At the moment our main headquarters are in Sunna - Migori Nyanja province
Our group of Churches are led by a very capable Pastor Caroline Akinyi, Pastor Samuel Chacha, and are steadily growing.   The Ogembo Church is  led by Pastor Rachel  Nyanganyi, the Kenyan Church by Evangelist Emily Moseti and her husband Evans Moseti,  whilst the Suna-Migori Church is led by Pastor Samuel Joseph Chacha who oversees them all.
Please consider a love-gift into this vital humanitarian work among destitutes in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Our Guarantee:  of every £1 given into this Ministry, 100p goes to the work
Abundance Ministries International

UK:    Harriet Ssempala Director & Chairman or Mr Simon Anderson
    Abundance House,    30 Highams Close,    ROWLEY REGIS,   West Midlands,    B65  8DQ
Kenya:  East Africa
Tel:   Mobile: +/00-44 7943520377;     Kenya:  +254-(0) 727370051 Pastor Joseph Chacha. Email:
Web:      Please visit our web-site at:


We are to bleed chicken for eggs grow our own food for sustainability we want to put up a health care unit for the children to be treated

Harriet Ssempala

The charity which acts as a lifeline for Kenyan orphans needs an intervetion support urgently. Abundance Ministries International, which cares for 200 children at a care centre and nursery school, which is new administration by Harriet and Mr Simon Anderson since November 2017.

The Director Harriet Ssempala, The situation in Kenya has reached crisis point, because of the flooding. We are launching a concept of Agricultural farming, fish farming, chicken breeding, pigglets and micro-finance to end poverty by 2030 Donations you can use Paypal to Abundance Ministries International or money gram,

Donate to Abundance Ministries International call Rev Harriet Ssempala Director & Chairman 

Write a check, or by paypal into Abundance Ministries International. 

Mr. Simon Anderson on Tel: 0121 238 6482 Mobile: 07943520377 Visit Greater Heights Experience.Details.


Kind regards


Harriet Ssempala

Make a difference Project

  • You can donate to this project, every £1 give goes to the project for work. Girl child, Girl Bride so that they will not miss school or get married at very young age e.g. As young as twelve, thirteen and 14yrs old

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