News letter for 2017 October

26. Jul, 2017

ISSUE No 004

   OCTOBER  2017

Pastor Harriet and Simon Anderson
Bringing  HOPE  and  COMFORT  in  KENYA where there is only  DESPAIR
Care  of  destitute  AIDS- and other ORPHANS and Deserted children in poverty and sickness. ORPHANS-CARE  CENTRE;     NURSERY  SCHOOL  and  ACADEMY    for Orphans;
HEALTH-CARE;     Food, Shoes & Clothes Programmes;    SAVE-a-LIFE Campaign (against Malaria
1.9-Million  ORPHANS plus many  DESERTED  CHILDREN
ORPHANS and DESERTED CHILDREN in KENYA (East Africa) suffer through NO fault of their own.    
but the WORLD Economic situation affects Kenyan people more than in UK.
ABUNDANCE MINISTRIES  INTERNATIONAL cares for up to 200 Orphans and Deserted Children in  SUNA-MIGORI.
MALNUTRITION and KWASHIORKOR* are serious problems in the NURSERY SCHOOL
WE NEED TO FEED THESE CHILDREN  in School, so that they will learn.
(*Signs: ‘pot’ belly, skin rash, spindly hair;   caused by malnutrition  -  the only medicine:  FOOD)
There is NO free education (NO free anything)  in  Kenya
SCHOOL FEES: a perpetual problem for non-sponsored Orphans who have NO-ONE
If admitted and/or treated, are kept PRISONER until the bill is paid,  with the bill increasing day-by-day.
We also assist our staff and close relatives in dire need, a few of them
It IS appreciated that household budgets are strained at present, but NONE so much as those in Kenya who have NOTHING.   I work full-time, up to 12-hours a day, 6-days a week without salary or UK-expenses.
Proverbs 19:17 says “pity the poor and lend to The Lord; He willsrepay”.   What-ever you give, ‘Lend to The Lord  -  God will repay - He  is no man’s debtor’ (Proverbs 19:17)
nearing completion to occupy mid-October.                                         

These needy Orphans also need clothes and shoes.   Girls’ shoes up to size 7, boys up to size 9.  New or second-hand good QUALITY clothes and shoes.

There are many other Orphans in our Ogembo, Kenya locations for whom NO Home/Centre exists;  they are cared for by well-wishers in their Community, who are themselves in poverty.
We need to construct suitable houses for them, each to accommodate at least two Care Staff also.
‘DIY Construction’ can be relatively cheap, eg, making our own bricks.
We seek to provide education for ALL Orphans in the Care-Centre and those who are cared for by foster-parents.   In the UK, education is FREE and compulsory, but without payment of School Fees, NO child in Kenya can go to school.   They also MUST have uniforms and text-books.   To provide fees for all the Orphans in our care is an impossible undertaking, beyond our resources, and so we look for SPONSORS; otherwise, they will be sent away from  school  to languish at home.   Orphans in Primary and Secondary Schools desperately need sponsors.
Due to the shortage of funds, many Primary & Secondary School fees for non-sponsored Orphans are not paid in full and so many are sent home, until they are paid.   We have some very bright pupils among us, but lack of fees for non-sponsored Orphans means their education is inhibited.
ABUNDANCE NURSERY SCHOOL FOR ORPHANS provides FREE education exclusively
Left: Orphans at Abundance Nursery School.                           
FOOD:  The School is very popular with Foster-Parents and Carers who are themselves in poverty and cannot afford school fees.   The need to FEED these children is very great  -  most come to school hungry and listless;  their learning ability & concentration is inhibited.   Will YOU help us to provide food for these hungry little ones?
It is our Vision to extend up from Nursery School to Primary.
MALARIA: the second-biggest killer disease in Kenya.   This comes from mosquitos, very active at night.    The only sure means of PROTECTION is the MOSQUITO NET.  Nets are ‘only’ £4:00p each  -  without nets,  people will DIE. WILL YOU SAVE A LIFE?      HELP  OUR  SAVE-A-LIFE Campaign.
Left  and  Right:  Orphans in Abundance Nursery School with their mosquito nets presented thanks to kind donors in the UK. 
Each mosquito net represents a LIFE SAVED.   Thank  you.


In the UK, if you have a medical need, you go to a doctor or hospital and are treated without cost;  for many, prescriptions are free.   In Kenya, you either have money or YOU SUFFER and MAYBE DIE.   Countless stories could be told of the heartless refusals of hospitals and doctors to needy people who have no money  -  many whom I have known personally have DIED.
Abundance Ministries International seeks to assist with medical bills and hospital costs, subject to available funds.   We have a VISION to construct a Health Clinic under Ropheka Health-Care (registered operating name) to provide FREE medical treatments to  Orphans,  Widows,  Deserted children  and those in abject poverty.  
After seven years’ itinerant Bible-teaching Ministry from 1996,  Abundance Church was first launched in Kenya in the year 2000, meeting in the mud house home of a church member.   We are established in Suna-Migori, then relocated to Bungoma in May 2009 and now have FOUR Churches: in Bungoma (HQ) (in Western County), Ogembo and Kenyenya (both in Kisii south), and in Suna-Migori (in South Nyanza County).
 At the moment our main headquarters is in Migori Nyanja province
Our group of Churches are led by a very capable Pastor Samuel Chacha, and are steadily growing.   The Ogembo Church is  led by Pastor Rachel  Nyanganyi, the Kenyan Church by Evangelist Emily Moseti and her husband Evans Moseti,  whilst the Suna-Migori Church is led by Pastor Samuel Joseph Chacha who oversees them all
The terrorist group  ‘AL SHABBAB’  have been wreaking havoc in Kenya, attacking villages, killing people and destroying church buildings.   They have visited BUNGOMA where our  Headquarters, Abundance Church, Abundance Nursery school  and  Orphans-Care Centre are located, bringing much FEAR into the local population.

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Please consider a love-gift into this vital humanitarian work among destitutes in East Africa.
Our Guarantee:  of every £1 given into this Ministry, 100p goes to the work
UK:    Harriet & Simon Anderson    Director   &  Chairman
    Abundance House,    30 Highams Close,    ROWLEY REGIS,   West Midlands,    B.65  8.DQ
Kenya:  P.O. Box 2046,   BUNGOMA,   50200,   Kenya,   East Africa
Tel:   Mobile: +/00-44 7904482952.;     Kenya:  +254-(0) 727370051 Pastor Joseph Chacha. Email:
Web:      Please visit our web-site at:


We are to bleed chicken for eggs grow our own food for sustainability we want to put up a health care unit for the children to be treated

Kind regards


Harriet Ssempala

The charity which acts as a lifeline for Kenyan orphans could be forced to fold if funds are not found urgently.
Abundance Ministries International, which cares for 98 children at a care centre and nursery school, is run by Reverend Terry Brimson who passed away now is run by Harriet and Mr Simon Anderson in November 2015 from the charity’s headquarters in Highams Close, Rowley Regis.
The charity had been hit hard by the recession in the UK and that if donations were not found last year its future could be in jeopardy also it had been hit by a drought in East Africa and had been forced to turn desperate children away due to a lack of finances. Previous appeals for sponsorship have failed.

Pastor Harriet  said: “The situation in Kenya has reached crisis point, so that our work with AIDS and other orphans is seriously threatened.
“The drought continues bringing a tripling of food costs and utility and medicine prices have doubled.
“The rents on the care centre and nursery school houses are paid for March 2017 only - no staff salaries have been paid for January or February - this is very serious for our teachers and carers who need to pay rents and eat.
“The current recession in the UK has hit this ministry very hard.

“Matters have now come to a head. If we do not have a large injection of cash this month the future of this ministry and the welfare of the many destitute children whom we help will be in jeopardy.”
To donate to Abundance Ministries International call Rev Harriet or Mr Anderson on Tel: 0121 238 6482 Mobile: 07904482952
Visit Greater Heights Experience.Details.

  • You can donate to help theses girl child so that will not miss school or get married as they are so young

Harriet Ssempala

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