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Kenya is situated on the Equator in East Africa. It is bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia to the North; by Uganda to the West, by Tanzania to the south and the Indian Ocean to the East. Kenya shares Lake Victoria with Uganda and Tanzania. It is well-known for its wild-life and national parks. The national crops are cheaper coffee and tea, with the main industry being Tourism. ’Metal-bashing’ is also prominent.

The capital Nairobi is in the mid-south; the second-largest town is Mombasa on the coast. The founder-President after independence in 1963 was Jomo Kenyatta who died in 1978 and after whom the main airport in Nairobi is named. The current President is Mwai Kibaki whilst the Prime Minister is Raila Odinga. The population of Kenya is just above 35-million.

Kenya has 42 Tribes, each with their own tribal language or 'mother tongue'. The two main languages are English and Kiswahili. Most speak English or Kiswahili (or both), but many speak only their tribal/mother tongue.

Corruption has been a serious and persistent problem since independence, with high unemployment and crime. Poverty is endemic and widespread, especially amongst Orphans, Widows and deserted children.

80% of the wealth of Kenya is in the hands of 5% of the population. The average life expectancy is a little over 45 years, with the official retirement age set at 40 years.

Populations are starving. There has been over 100% inflation in Kenya since early 2008. There is also a Drought, especially in the Northern part of the Country, with the consequence that thousands of farm and wild animals die through dehydration and malnutrition. Many children are experiencing the same and suffering from Kwashiorkor.

is a Compassion Ministry, initially concerned with Bible-teaching and Counselling in the UK and Kenya.

We were established in the UK in 1986 and as a Society in Kenya in 1996.

are committed to the SPIRITUAL, MORAL, SOCIAL, SECURITY and MEDICAL well-being of the destitute people of Kenya, one of the poorest countries in the world.

There is continuous drought and famine in some areas of East Africa, including Somalia, Sudan and northern-Kenya. The headquarters of Abundance Ministries International is in northern Kenya and the effects are felt by every-one there, with food prices having tripled and the price of commodities having doubled in the past year.

Children, especially Orphans, are malnourished, lacking good food. They suffer from Kwashiorkor which is a sickness in small children caused by lack of nutrition, ie, protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Starch is also important, but with most people that is all they will have, ie, in Ugali (ground maize-flour cooked in water) and sukumawiki (a weak spindley form of cabbage with little Vitamin ‘C’). (the Kiswahili word Sukumawiki literally means ‘push the week’)

Abundance Orphans-Care Centre, Ropheka Health-Care Project and Abundance Nursery School are located in Suna -Migori in the Western Province of Kenya.

Registered Charity No. U.K. 1059888
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