Abundance Ministries International

Great Awakening UK & Europe: This is the ministry of Intercessors who ever wants to join in please ,we do conferences in churches 1 Chron 7:14 if my people humble themselves and seek my face leave their wicked ways I will hear from heaven in and heal their land Jeremiah 1:4-9


Exodus 7:1 From today I have made you like God, there will be a distinction between a Jew and a gentile

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Project Goal: To contribute in improving of women's situation and elimination of violence against women in Sub-Saharan Africa Project Objectives: 1. To increase women awareness on their constitutional rightsthrough holding awareness workshops,

1. Jun, 2018

Team leader for all the Youth, women and girls
Charity Abundance Ministries International
Dates volunteered October 2002 Present Volunteer duration 20 yrs
Global Goals zero poverty with sustainability programs
Women and girls, making a difference in our community
Youth dealing with sexual health e.g gender-based sexually assaulted, safe sex, being protected from STD & HIV/AIDS, teen girls and teen mothers mentoring them
Empowering women break chains and restore to freedom.
Equipping, Educating enhancing beauty and spiritual,social and economical aspects under the guidance of biblical principal.
1 pray until something happens praying togetherness
2 Getting to know women we have
3. Health and Beauty
4. Food bank
5. Music dance and drama Beauty
6. Nutrition/Beauty/ Cookery
7.singles night
8- Parties
9- Face painting
Work plan
Monday : Inviting every women you know
Tuesday: All wider team praying together
Wednesday: praying and fasting in the Spirit all church
Thursday : Prayer meeting ,planning strategy calling all women by phone.
Friday: Socialising ,movies either cinema, one person leading each week.
Saturday : inviting women, calling, visiting, youth and the elderly.
Sundays : Church