18. Nov, 2020
18. Nov, 2020
12. Nov, 2020

Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in.

12. Nov, 2020


COVIN 19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE Over £5,000,000 to manage to reach out to these countries of the Subsahara African countries.

NOV -DEC 2020

We are facing a crisis so we are believing God for sponsors who can sponsor our children in the orphanage. Think about this pandemic time and Send at least some food to Kenya Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa people medicine, almost every week we are bury children and parents suffering from HIV/ AIDS and now a pandemic of Covin19, Malnutrition for lack of food. Malaria is still a problem in Africa.

We are a Humanitarian project for women and girls through Education, Training, Sexual Health, Micro finance for 2030

Ending poverty by 2030 through agricultural farming, Fish farming and Micro finance.

Against Malaria, COVIN-19, HIV/AIDS, and nutrition

1000 Die every day because of malaria, HIV/AIDS and now COVID 19

1.9-Million orphans and many deserted homeless children


50 children in SUNA-MIGOR Kisi District Nyanza.

 Objectives: Are nurture, educate, train help those in serious needs.

 Is rescue women and girls from, violence against woman and girls,

 Education: Equipped with learning resources playground equipment and a community Library.

EDUCATION:  Orphans in Primary and Secondary Schools desperately need sponsors.

Children need to have uniforms and text-books. For girls it is a must to have sanitary pad as most girls miss school because of their monthly circles. Orphans

 Open days with specialists such as nutritionists and sanitation engineers